Michael Douglass

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Michael Douglass BCAh

Michael Underwood, Michael Douglass BCAh, Lisa Collins, Objective HR

Michael Underwood, Michael Douglass BCAh, Lisa Collins, Objective HR

For 28 years Michael has been committed to giving young people, often from disadvantaged backgrounds, the hope and opportunity to make a new path for themselves. His commitment to the Martial Art of Judo has been used to educate young people and give them opportunities which otherwise would not have been open to them.

Through involvement with an Olympic sport such as Judo, several students have been able to travel overseas to compete and experience the culture. To make it more accessible to those on lower incomes Michael volunteers all of his time and doesn’t take a penny. Any excess revenues are ploughed back in to enable more people to engage or travel with the club.

Following a life-changing work accident and the death of his brother, Michael kept his commitment to the young people at the same level so as not to disappoint. He coaches four days a week, referees on a fifth day throughout the year, often coaching weeknight sessions all as a volunteer before going to work the nightshift at a factory. Operating in an area of high deprivation, the Judo club is a true community facility offering youngsters an alternative to petty crime, anti-social behaviour or worse.