Moawia Bin-Sufyan

Vale of Glamorgan

TV Presenter Matt Allwright, Moawia Bin Sufyan, Alex Brown, CISCO

Moawia is a compassionate, caring individual who promotes harmony and peace across multi-cultural communities through educating people. He founded the Council on Welsh Islamic Relations with the purpose to enhance the understanding of Islam and encourage dialogue through mutual understanding. It looks to promote justice and encourage inter-faith relationships.

Detainees in prison are also a concern for Moawia and he is a Prison Escort, responsible for inspecting the conditions for detained people in prisons, including observing the hand-over from police stations to prisons.  This follows his work as a non-commissioned officer in the British Army, and also as a Community Police Trainer at South Wales Police.

Moawia is also a qualified Challenging Extremism Instructor and works with Children and Young men and women around radicalisation and is one of the few active people in this field in Wales.

Moawia is an inspirational leader and active in so many organisations that he is passionate about and continues to work part-time at considerable financial loss to himself, so he can continue to undertake voluntary work through so many organisations he is involved with.


Nominated by: Saba Sufyan