Naveen Arles




Michael Underwood, Naveen Arles BCAa, Des Benjamin, BCA Ambassador

Michael Underwood, Naveen Arles BCAa, Des Benjamin, BCA Ambassador

Naveen of Newham, directs four choirs including the London International Gospel Choir (LIGC), a Newham Youth Choir and choirs in prisons.  He is also the Fringe Director of the Brandenburg Choral Festival, putting together a program of a cappella and small, non-choral ensemble performances for its year-round series. Naveen has served 4 years as conductor to the Hertfordshire and Ware Primary School Music Festival and has just been announced as the Vocal Lead for Brent Music Services.

The majority of his work is voluntary and everything he does is for the people in various singing communities.  He is an inspirational teacher, leader and endlessly patient diplomat.  He encourages people to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams.  As a teacher he is vibrant, innovative and sympathetic to the students enabling children and dementia patients to break through barriers of silence and hundreds to find their confidence and voice.

Nav’s belief in inclusion, equality and social justice has led him to work with homelessness and rehabilitation centres, and co-found Sanctuary Voices for refugees and asylum seekers.  His longest and largest ongoing project, LIGC, is a community that is wholly inclusive embracing all faiths, cultures, sexualities and ethnic backgrounds.


Nominated by:  Dean Addams