Nick Antill-Holmes


TV Presenter Matt Allwright, Nick Antill-Holmes, Nathan Rous, PR

Nick Antill-Holmes set up and now Chairs his local youth group; is secretary of the charity Saltersford Valley Lunch Club – providing weekly lunches for pensioners preventing isolationism; is vice chair of the parish council – helping maintain standards in the local community; and, is vice chair of his local Friends of the Village group – providing various events for pensioners and widowers.

Nick also coordinates the village’s Speedwatch scheme to campaign to get speed calming measures in place following recent deaths on the main road through the village. He has been instrumental in raising more than £40,000 through his various community roles.

He has helped tackle anti-social behaviour by taking young people off the streets and into structured activities. By dedicating his time to opening the youth club every Friday night to combat the worst of the behaviour, complaints were reduced from eight per month to zero.

His nominator said: “His dedication to helping vulnerable people in the local community from such a young age is impressive – he first became involved in the youth project when he was just 24 years old”.


Nominated by: Holly Kerley