Nigel Blair-Park, BCAh




Recognising the fact that ‘being a Dad is one of the best, but most challenging things a man can do’, Nigel realised that there was no support network aimed specifically at Dads, so set about starting Cromarty Vets. Nigel believes that support and friendship can make a significant difference to parents’ lives, so put a great deal of time and care to create a space for Dads to come together to help each other.

The group offers so much and has grown from an initial 11 members to now over 140. It has been created so that there are six subgroups to Cromarty Vets, each one supportive and encouraging Dads to get the most from parenting. The common aim across all groups is to make Dads feel better about themselves and in doing so become better parents, husbands and all round happier people. Among the themes are: Cromarty Sports – a football match which takes place with Dads and their teenage sons weekly; Cromarty Discussion – a forum that tackles a range of relevant subjects from relationship pressures and adolescent mental health; Cromarty Adventures – the purpose being to create quality family time for Dads where priceless memories are made.

For the last 12 months Nigel has started to include teenage boys in the group – these are the sons of the men who attend already and Cromarty recognises the importance of engaging teenagers from an early age to offer them support and guidance.
Nominated by: John Earley