Nishall Garala



Nishall Garala BCAc, Michael Underwood, Pat Egan, Group Exec Director Affordable Housing, PFP

Nishall is a young man who has been working in the community since he was first elected on the local Youth Council at the age of 13, where he served for 6 years and undertook many roles in this time. As a Harlow Youth Councillor, Student Governor for Harlow College, Vice Chairman for Waterhouse Moor Residents Association, Police Support Volunteer, Founder and Co-Ordinator of #BigupHarlow, Nishall’s passion is to give a voice to young people in Harlow.

#BigupHarlow, a social media campaign created by Nishall to tackle negative perceptions of Harlow, got people young and old to appreciate where they live. The local press has called him an ‘Ambassador’ of the town due to his commitment to his local community.

Nishall currently works with Harlow Police as a volunteer in championing youth voice in local policing and involvement of young people in activities the police do.

Nishall holds surgeries where young people in the local college and school can talk to him about crime and anti-social behaviour they may be facing.

Nominated by: Arvinda Garala