Nora Bryan

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Matt Allwright, Nora Bryan BCAe, Deborah Darlington, The Co-operative Bank

27 years ago, Nora was appointed by her local primary school as midday cover. Following her retirement two years later, Nora became a permanent volunteer member of the midday team.  One of the teachers enquired if Nora would have time to listen to her class pupils read each week. From that moment Nora’s volunteering role snowballed and despite her growing family, she found the time to listen to classes read throughout the school. Her timetable now is every morning and afternoon, with classes eager to read with her.

Nora is warm and knowledgeable and at 80-years-old, shows no signs of reducing her volunteering at the school.  She is dedicated and committed to the children and families of Cliffedale Primary School and has given her time and energy so freely over 27 years to enable the children to have someone to read to.

The school’s motto is ‘Be The Best You Can Be’; and Nora is a shining example of that.  Nora would have given back to the community no matter where she lived.  Nora no longer lives close to the school and relies on public transport to reach the school every day, but never misses a session listening to the children read.