Pamela Corrigan

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Medalist Group - Terrace, House of Lords

Medalist Group – Terrace, House of Lords

Pam Corrigan

Pam Corrigan

28 years ago, Pam founded BUST with the help of Simon Cawthorn, Consultant Breast Surgeon, and two other patients who were all undergoing treatment for breast cancer at the Frenchay Hospital. Now, aged 82, Pam is still fighting to combat the disease and despite losing her two founding friends, Pam has continued their shared vision to help others affected by the disease

When the friends learned that the team at Frenchay needed an ultra-sound scanner costing £20,000 they dedicated themselves to fundraising, even though their own outcomes were uncertain. Within two years they raised the money and the scanner was the catalyst for the outpatients Breast-Care Centre.
Since the purchase of the ultra-sound scanner in 1993, BUST has raised over £1,600,000, enabling them to purchase other high-tech machines. BUST became the major funding partner for the North Bristol Trust’s Breast Unit at Frenchay Hospital.

The Breast Centre has now moved to Southmead Hospital and is widely recognised as a Centre of Excellence because of the dedication and caring attitude of its surgeons, nursing and administrative staff and state-of-the-art equipment. Simon and Pam continue to be Trustees for BUST, donating much of their time to help.

Nominated by: Janet Biagioli