Patsy Elliott, BCAv

Baroness Wilcox, Patsy Elliott, Martin Field from Pall-Ex

Patsy is a young girl (just 16 yrs old) who had suffered at the hands of bullies for a period of seven years (almost half her life). In the depths of her despair she wrote:‘I lay there hopeless, lifeless, and helpless. Not wanting to be here nor alive. I lay there just hoping I would slip away, leave and never be seen. But to die without anyone knowing is like running away without a note, a sign or a trace’.

Then she discovered help at charity Kidscape.

“She has not let the bullies beat her, and wants to show other children that they can beat them too”

Kidscape instilled in Patsy the confidence to cope and move on in her life. She felt so indebted to them that she now actively fundraises for the charity, to ensure that the charity is there to help other youngsters as it has helped her. Nominated by her proud Mum and Gran, she is a role model against bullies and bullying.

She has so far raised over £2100 for Kidscape in her own right, but perhaps more importantly her moving story now forms part of Kidscape’s Fundraising pack.

She is made a skydive for the charity on her 16th Birthday.