Pauline Holman, BCAv

This is a textbook example of how big businesses in the UK should operate

their corporate responsibility and charity support. Nearly all businesses of

note are contributing to communities either locally, nationally or globally.

However, in order to be as good as this example, they need people who

drive and commit to the causes. Pauline fundraises with a vengeance

and delivers to the charities that are supported, above and beyond

expectations. In addition to supporting the company’s chosen charities

Pauline also supports the local Food Bank and a local Children’s Trust.


“Pauline is the most incredible, kind, caring and humble person”.


Her mantra is that there is always someone worse off than ourselves, and

this has helped drive her to achieve extraordinary results for each cause

that the company and she herself have supported over the past 15 years.


“Pauline has never, ever received any recognition for her efforts and would not expect to either. She has no idea of how in awe people are of her”