Primrose Kaur Panglea, BCAc

Nominated by her husband, Primrose has the aspiration to restore faith in human nature by

undertaking Random Acts of Kindness. Inspired by the birth of her daughter, she spreads the

word by asking friends and family to replicate her efforts rather than buying birthday gifts.

She wrote over 5,000 notes of kindness for strangers in June 2014 alone – often these have

found their way onto social media, where people express their joy at receiving them.


“She has even stopped a young guy committing suicide. She always said if it made a difference to

just one person then her kindness campaign would have been worth the effort”.


Primrose works full time, is mum to two children and self-funded a trip to New York to

commemorate 9/11 “taking the British love to America on this sad day”, and then

visited 10 major cities doing Random Acts of Kindness.