Raymond Cannings



Raymond Cannings BCAv, Michael Underwood, Jo Garner, Insight & Strategy Director, Lime MCP

Ray is a volunteer for The Speech After Stroke Scheme in Cumbria, following suffering a stroke himself three years ago when both his speech and mobility were affected.

Stroke happens, for the most part, without warning and can have devastating effects, so Ray is meeting people at one of the worst and most frightening times of their lives.

Ray willingly re-visits his own difficulties in order to help others and does so with an honesty and empathy that is humbling.

He gives hope to others and spurs them on to work hard on their own recovery.

Ray’s contribution is highly valued by the scheme members, other volunteers and the NHS staff alike. His input as a stroke survivor has helped build bridges between staff members and patients and has helped many patients engage with the scheme.

Ray has been instrumental in setting up a brand new group solely for male stroke survivors.

The group allows male patients to be able to meet up and chat freely to men in similar situations, something they have reported to miss out on since their strokes.

Nominated by: Alison Tams