Richard Chalmers


HI RES Richard Chalmers, Bradley Walsh, Lonnie Mayne, InMoment president

Richard is a volunteer leader at ‘Oasis’ – a self-help bereavement group which provides support, care, comfort and companionship to help bereaved people through their loss. The group is accessible to all and Richard has been ever-present since its inception 16 years ago. It operates on a donation basis so Richard undertakes many fundraising events to enable the group to continue to help those in the community.

Richard’s commitment sees him personally cooking a twocourse meal every month for around 90 people, as well as arranging interesting speakers and entertainment and an annual holiday away. Special events are arranged throughout the year including a Christmas lunch, as this is a particularly hard time of year for those suffering bereavement. Through the group, Richard has brought people in the local community together in an otherwise bleak time of their lives where isolation and depression is common.

Through the group these people have come together and have hope and companionship. Richard is committed to bereavement care, and is actively encouraging other local communities to open similar groups.

Nominated by: Juliet Auld