Rick Wilson, BCAh

Rick has individually, and single-handedly inspired over 1200 people to leave the comfort

of their sofas and start running to improve their health and fitness. In just 18 months he now

has over 1000 people able to run 5km non-stop.


“In an area with higher than average obesity and mortality rates, Rick has made inactive people, active. He has got them fitter, given  them a sense of purpose, motivated them to do more
and has given
them confidence to volunteer to lead new runners”.


Participants include: three generations of one family; people from various cultures;

all age ranges; and varying levels of fitness. He volunteers around his full time job

and is positively impacting his local community. He has inspired people as young as 7

to take part and people in their 80’s are also joining in. Three nights per week hundreds

of people take to the outdoors to join Rick as his quest to get people healthier continues.

His volunteering and the running programme is attributed with decreased medicine

dependency, reduced smoking levels and even improved confidence and mental health

issues among some of his runners.