Rita Piller


HI RES Rita Piller, Bradley Walsh, Dame Mary Perkins

Rita has been a dedicated volunteer and community champion for most of her life, despite her disabilities. From 1963-1985 she was the founding Brown Owl leader for the 4th Thorpe Bay Brownies, and was also instrumental in forming two other Brownie packs.

As a Macular Degeneration sufferer, Rita was a significant volunteer with the Southend Blind Welfare Organisation. Recently, with continuing failing eyesight, she was contacted by the Macular Society Support Group to attend and share her unique personality, determination and resilience with other members suffering the same condition.

Rita also volunteers at the Southend General Hospital Eye Clinic, helping new sufferers navigate the uncertainty of their lives with encouraging words and general help as people attend their appointments.

Rita also runs her own small support group for Macular Degeneration sufferers. In addition to her ailing eyesight, Rita has had substantial deafness since the age of four. Today, at the age of 90, Rita’s contribution to helping other is still significant. Through her energetic and empathetic approach, she has been instrumental in demonstrating just how much is possible even with sensory impairment.

Nominated by: Richard Piller