Rosa Macpherson, BCAv

Baroness Wilcox, Rosa Macpherson, Duncan Slater – BCA Ambassador

Rosa is an Ambassador for Cancer Research UK. Ambassadors have the important role of translating Cancer Research into life-saving campaigns. They have the role of making campaigns come to life and they do this through lobbying local MPs, media awareness campaigning and lobbying parliament to gain support for changes to healthcare issues which affect cancer.
Rosa is a cancer survivor who is 100% dedicated to raising awareness to help others. Rosa was a key player, and Cancer Research’s ‘face-of-the-campaign’ in Scotland, for the campaign to have cigarette packaging standardised to make it less attractive to young people. A campaign which has recently won support from both Houses of Parliament.
In Scotland Rosa was part of a multi-faceted media campaign which saw her featured on TV, Radio and in Newspaper articles. As a former cancer patient and a reformed smoker she became a ‘walking, talking campaign’ herself.

“She is a mentor to other Ambassadors, often coaching and helping them overcome personal issues in order to be more effective in their role”

She is also an active fundraiser having raised over £12,000 in the last two years and works tirelessly in support of the charity. She has held the role of Ambassador for the past 3 years and is single-handedly attributed with persuading her local MP to vote in favour of the Plain Packaging campaign.

“Her strength, passion, dedication as a cancer survivor and positive campaigning make her a real asset to the charity”