Sajid Rashid, BCAc



Sajid Rashid BCAc receiving his Medal from Dame Mary Perkins, Co-Founder of Specsavers

This young person has been instrumental in ‘regenerating’ a community centre, making it accessible to all local residents. Initially he pledged to create a space where young people could go, but today the centre is a community resource for all.

Working locally for Rolls Royce, Sajid is a qualified pilot who has spent his spare time not only helping in the local community but by raising funds for international causes also. He has raised money to support victims of Typhoon Haiyan and for those caught in the middle eastern crisis in Gaza, Palestine. He was recently decorated with a British Empire Medal for his ‘service to the community’.

Sajid was at the forefront of the community centre regeneration, where he had inherited a derelict building which needed significant renovation and refitting just to make it safe again. Sajid was not the first person to endeavour to improve the local community by taking on the challenge. Others had tried (and failed) before, but Sajid’s energy, drive, commitment and communication skills pulled together all the threads to ensure a vibrant centre was the outcome from his efforts.

His contribution to the local community was regarded as ‘profound’ by the Cabinet Office.
Nominated by: Mohammed Rashid