Salma Bi

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Salma Bi BCAe

Michael Underwood, Salma Bi BCAe, Lisa Collins, Objective HR

Michael Underwood, Salma Bi BCAe, Lisa Collins, Objective HR

For the last 15 years Salma has devoted her life to making sport inclusive. Raised in a strict Muslim family with disabled and autistic siblings, Salma managed to make history as the first ever Muslim Asian girl to play cricket for Worcestershire County. Regardless of the physical, financial and mental challenges, Salma is one of the few UK Female Asian Umpires, a senior coach, sports company director and a full-time hemodialysis nurse. She successfully hosted 8 national events raising funds for vital charities
and getting over 1,000 girls involved in grassroots sports. Salma also captained the first all Asian Futsal Team in Birmingham and founded the first all Asian women’s cricket team.

Salma had to face many obstacles during her journey, playing sport during Ramadan and attending an all-girls school with limited access to sports. She also dealt with anxiety and cultural issues and family resistance to woman in sport. Salma is also a senior nurse, providing care for acute and chronic patients with kidney failure, doing everything with a caring and kind nature. She created the project ‘Get her in the game’ which focused on BME groups to teach life skills, diminish crime in the area and reduce anti-social behaviour.