Sandy Kerr


HI RES Martha Lester Cribb, Sandy Kerr, Bradley Walsh, Alison Eddy Irwin Mitchell Solicitors

Martha and Sandy are pioneers of Pass In On which makes a unique contribution to people of all ages who have physical and mental disabilities. PassITon is a charity which collects donated computer equipment, adapts it and gives it to people with disabilities throughout the Edinburgh area.

Martha and Sandy recognised that for many people with disabilities, access to computers and technology was often restricted. This had profound effects on their future life, as it restricted their employability and sometimes education. For over 14 years now PassITon have been collecting discarded technology, adapting it and repurposing it so it can act as a lifeline to someone excluded by disability or social isolation. This initiative is a real life-changer for many, affording them the opportunity to not only learn new skills but also to interact through social media.

Striving for ‘technological inclusion for all’ the charity fills an essential gap through its provision of computers for disabled children and adults.

One user commented: “I no longer have time to sit and feel sorry for myself, I am too busy learning new things and keeping in touch with people. Thanks to PassITon”.

Nominated by: Gillian Moore