Scott Wilson


Isle of Man

Scott Wilson BCAc, MU, Pat Egan Group Exec Director Affordable Housing, PFP

Scott is a flag-bearer and advocate for young people on the Isle of Man, working with all looked-after children and young offenders on the Island since 2009. Scott has positively impacted many disadvantaged young people’s lives helping them overcome many barriers.

He has set up the Island’s Appropriate Adult Scheme which supports young people and vulnerable adults when they have been brought into custody.

This programme shows those people that someone cares, and has given a better understanding of what happens when being arrested.

Scott has researched Restorative Justice on the Island and believes that young people should be afforded the opportunity to put things right.

He has helped young offenders gain career opportunities as well as further education and given them hope for the future.

He works hard to ensure those that need guidance, get help and are pointed on a better path for their future. This is a first for the Isle of Man, no other group or scheme has been created to take time to nurture and guide young people.

Nominated by: Marcia Brabbs