Shane Board, BCAv

Shane is a Type 1 Diabetes sufferer who contracted the condition aged 10 and

has been committed to raising funds to help find a cure since. He has devoted his

time to informing other young people that having a lifelong condition need

not be a limiting factor. From diagnosis he has self-administered his

injections retaining as much independence as possible and refusing to be a

burden on his family. Today he still exudes the same determination not to

be a burden on anyone.


“He has said that when a cure is found for Diabetes he will put all his efforts into doing the same for Cancer”


He is an inspiration to young people with the condition, as well as to their

parents. He is involved in talks, hospital visits and often recounts how he

decided to go for quality of life rather than quantity of life, assuming the

condition was going to kill him anyway, until he got a wake-up call in

hospital aged 18. He turned it around and now works tirelessly to make

other young people think differently about Type 1 Diabetes. He has

developed a website and created a community to help those diagnosed

learn quickly about their condition and how best to deal with the challenges

it imposes. Each year he records a song to raise funds and awareness of

diabetes week – additionally he carries out a host of charitable work,

including an Annual Ball and Concerts.