Sharron Hardwick




Michael Underwood, Sharron Hardwick BCAo, Shakirat Ojo, Big Bus London

Michael Underwood, Sharron Hardwick BCAo, Shakirat Ojo, Big Bus London

Sharron is a selfless campaigner who has single-handedly raised awareness of Fairtrade sports balls throughout Staffordshire and Pembrokeshire specifically, but also throughout the UK via social media.

Sharron has self-funded the Fairtrade in Football Campaign and has been successful in applying for grants from Hub Cymru Africa. These funds are used to purchase Fairtrade football and rugby balls, which she provides to schools and clubs, whilst giving talks to spread the word that using these ethical Fairtrade balls makes a real difference to workers, in lesser developed countries.  In doing so, she is creating a significant impact on the lives of sports ball workers in India and Pakistan.

Sharron works voluntarily for this cause maintaining a presence daily on social media and achieving media coverage for her work.  She has engaged with Stoke City and other league football clubs and the Wales Rugby Union, to further educate sports clubs.

The biggest impact Sharron has made is to get safer working conditions, fair rates of pay and an extra 10% Fairtrade Premium paid per Fairtrade ball made.  This extra cash is invested in workers’ benefits such as free eye and diabetes tests, free school books and backpacks for workers children and free transport to and from work for rural workers.


Nominated by:  Angus Coull