Simon Headley, BCAv



Simon Headley BCAv receiving his Medal from Dame Mary Perkins, Co-Founder of Specsavers

Simon works for Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service as an administrator full time. He is also the coordinator for the British Red Cross Fire & Emergency Support. He manages to do his work whilst committing to many hours volunteering for three separate agencies.

Simon is a First Responder for the East Midland Ambulance Service and is on call for at least 12 hours each week. He responds to urgent requests from the ambulance service and is often the first on the scene dealing with various emergency conditions. Simon also dedicates 12 hours each week to Leicestershire Search and Rescue which is part of a unit to support police officers looking for high-risk missing persons. Simon is also a volunteer for the British Red Cross Fire and Emergency Support, for which is on call every day 24/7. As a Duty Officer and team member, Simon chooses to be on call for at least 48 hours each week to provide practical help and emotional support to people affected by fires, floods and other emergency incidents.

Simon is totally dedicated to serving others and gives so much of his free time to do so. Conditions can be arduous and he will gladly turn out to help others in the middle of the night. He is always eager to enhance his existing skills and learn new ones, recently successfully completing the British Sign Language Course so that he can better communicate with, and help, people with hearing impairments.
Nominated by: John Henderson