Steve Whiteway

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Steve Whiteway BCAc

Michael Underwood, Steve Whiteway BCAc, Jonny McQuarrie, One Stop

Michael Underwood, Steve Whiteway BCAc, Jonny McQuarrie, One Stop

Steve took on the role as Resources Development Manager, for ‘Improving Lives’, a Plymouth based charity which runs information, advice and support services for people with disabilities and long-term health conditions. Steve came up with the idea that as the charity was celebrating 110 years, to launch the ‘110 Club’ with business members joining in the knowledge that they are supporting a worthwhile charity. With Steve at the helm the success has been phenomenal with the first 110 Founder Members signing up in the first few months and more organisations joining daily to help those in the community with disabilities.

Steve has raised around £750,000 benefitting over 160 charities during his 50-year volunteering career. His parents were caring people within the community, always full of fun and Steve has undoubtedly inherited these virtues. At the age of eight he really started thinking about how he could help others and went out entertaining in old people’s homes in the local community, playing the piano and raising money and smiles. This was the start of over 50 years working for his local community.