Steven Makin


County Durham

Steven Makin, Michael Underwood, Ian Christian, Partner, Irwin Mitchell LLP

Steve has had a passion for Judo since he was 8 years old, became a teacher aged 17, and was graded to a black belt aged 18. For the next 37 years, Steve has concentrated on teaching in some of the most deprived areas of the North East, giving children and adults the chance to learn Judo, when they would otherwise have been unable to afford it.

Steve also teaches at schools and colleges for a variety of youth and adult groups, and was involved in the ‘Lucky Stars Programme’ that gives children and young adults with various learning and physical disabilities the opportunity to join in Judo.

Away from the sport he takes groups of children and adults to weekend adventure breaks teaching them life skills and giving them further opportunities they would otherwise not have had.

Just 8-weeks after suffering a cardiac arrest and having to undergo surgery he fought his way back to full fitness and today he teaches 5 nights a week on average 200 students per week.

Nominated by:Ian Mills