Stuart Russell, BCAa

Baroness Wilcox, Stuart Russell, Martin Field from Pall-Ex

This 24 year-old runs an Arts project in Fife promoting lesser known creativity from the local area – the first of its kind in an area where there were no social arts projects. The project has its own community radio show, book and magazine. His aim is to make the Arts inclusive rather than exclusive. His project is gaining traction to an audience beyond the shores of the UK with support from Telefonica O2, a huge website expansion is about to be launched.

 “I think the country needs young heroes, people who think differently and who use their experience to make our country a little bit brighter – this is Stuart”

 He combines his love of radio, the Arts and writing to bring together a new audience who look at the word ‘Arts’ differently because of his efforts. He runs the project single-handedly. He now has the support of some media organisations which is enabling him to expand his Arts Project to a much broader audience. He has given a platform to 100’s of artists and creative people though his vision to challenge the norm and bring Art into the mainstream. He creates Radio projects for corporates around the world who are starting to recognise the relevance of his work.

“He is an outstanding citizen and works tirelessly to change things for the better”