Sue Lockwood


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Sue Lockwood, a retired maths teacher, has assisted hundreds of pupils to improve their grades, during a volunteering career spanning more than a decade.Using her skills and experience to support staff and pupils at The Arnewood School Academy, in New Milton, since 2006, Sue has been instrumental in several pupils outperforming expectations.

Her motivation is the belief that all young people can achieve given the right support.She has supported the maths department at the school for three days per week for the past 11 years. Her efforts are used not to replace or cover for staff gaps, but to truly complement the school’s ability to deliver the best opportunities for young people in the community. One of the groups she has helped for several years achieved the best set of GCSE maths results the school has ever had, with an impressive 21 A* and nine A grades.

In addition to assisting students, Sue also plays an important part in encouraging and mentoring young maths teachers, helping to build their confidence and skills in the classroom.


Nominated by: Jim Lockwood