Susan Bates, BCAv

Susan co-founded the male cancer charity Balls to Cancer. Whilst working

tirelessly to support the work of making men aware of testicular cancer,

Susan also fosters children having cared for 20 over the past 6 years.

Through her fostering she helps local families and has an impact on all the

children. She founded the charity five years ago and it has since raised funds for

local hospitals, hospices and children’s hospital.


“She has worked above and beyond any expectation of the charity”


The Charity is undertaking a nationwide awareness campaign through the

media, social networks, leaflets and posters, to make both men and women

aware of dangers to cancer and to help men help themselves. 100% of funds

raised or donated goes to the charity. They are also funding an education

programme for teenagers to dispel the taboo of talking about testicular

cancer and asking for help. They are working in conjunction with the local authority.

Susan is committed to making men’s health issues a subject which should be

talked about and not a taboo. By taking a somewhat irreverent stance and

making it humorous she is getting people talking about it on social media

and in sport. Balls to Cancer uses football as one of its primary fundraising

events which helps to keep participants fit and healthy.