Susan Rutherford



Susan Rutherford BCAv, Michael Underwood, Ian Christian, Partner, Irwin Mitchell LLP

Whilst studying to become a doctor, Susan volunteered with homeless charities in Leamington Spa and realised that there was nowhere for the homeless to seek shelter or food. Together with a colleague they brought together students and local members of the public to form an unlikely alliance, yet all sharing a common goal.

Susan negotiated with a local estate agent and transformed a dilapidated former social club into a welcoming home for the homeless, and the Leamington Winter Support (LWS) Night Shelter was formed.

Susan continued to train as a doctor and is now qualified, but still gives up her spare time to run the LWS Night Shelter and is currently working with a team of doctors dedicated to homeless health.

What started as an idea for the cold winter months has grown into an all year-round project that is known for its caring and non-judgemental attitude, where staff and guests eat together in an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

Susan put in an incredible amount of time and work to start the shelter and continues to do so to this day.

Nominated by: Clara Farque