Suzanne Fernando

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North Ayrshire

Matt Allwright, Suzanne Fernando BCAh, Deborah Darlington, The Co-operative Bank

Suzanne left the military scarred, broken and suffering with PTSD. She battled with near fatal cervical cancer during her second pregnancy, and at aged 26, had a toddler with autism, a new-born and cancer, pushing her spirit to the limit.

It pushed her spirit but didn’t break her. For the past 20 years Suzanne has been an active ambassador for many causes, including improving her community, local services, perceptions of Autism and health and wellbeing.

Suzanne has set up local support groups for families with autism, military veterans and women suffering from cervical cancer, causes all very close to her heart.

Having served as a Military Policewoman and leaving with honours as a decorated veteran, as a civilian she realised ex-servicemen and women had nowhere to turn. So, she set up two breakfast clubs locally which brought veterans together. Suicide, loneliness, homelessness and mental health have been increasing within the veteran community, but Suzanne has ensured support groups are in place.

Her spirit has remained in this ever-changing environment and difficult society.  As a result, she has inspired, motivated and encouraged people coping with cervical cancer, autism and any issues relating to veterans.