Tommy Whitelaw, BCAh

Tommy gave up his successful career in the music industry to care for his mother when she was

diagnosed with dementia, leading him on a path he would never have imagined.  In the space of

just a few years he has become a passionate, committed and determined advocate for people

with dementia and their unpaid family carers. After caring for his Mum for 5 years, he had to

learn every aspect of care and realised how little help there was for carers.


“He has contributed to the education of the current health and social care workforce, successfully raised awareness of dementia, improved the quality of care provided to people
with dementia and highlighted the challenges facing unpaid family carers”


He started an awareness campaign ‘Make A Difference’ in Scotland in 2011 and embarked

on a tour while his mother was in respite care. He collected 100’s of life-story letters detailing

the problems that carer’s faced. Every letter has the word ‘love’ in it – and every letter has

’loneliness’ or ‘isolated’ in it too. So impressed were the Scottish Government in the importance

of what he was doing they funded him to continue his awareness campaign through to 2016.

Tommy now works tirelessly to improve standards of care for sufferers and carers.

He is a researcher and educator committed to driving through improvements for the benefit

of thousands of others.