Tony Foulds



Matt Allwright, Tony Foulds BCAc, Dame Mary Perkins, Patron of The BCA

For 66 years, Tony Foulds has tended a memorial garden in memory of lost souls from the US Air Force in WW11.  Tony was just a child when a US Aircraft, damaged by the Luftwaffe, flew overhead while he was playing with friends in a Sheffield Park. The pilot waved to the children to go from the area as they tried to land in the only open space available.  Not realising, the children simply waved back.  The Pilot pulled up and crashed into trees instead, killing all on board.  Tony realised the US Airmen crashed to avoid killing him and his friends.

When a memorial was built to commemorate those who had passed, Tony aged 17 started tending it and the surrounding woods regularly, originally spending half an hour a week, which has built up to 4 hours a day, 6 days a week.

A chance meeting with a BBC Presenter, Dan Walker allowed Tony to tell the story of the Airmen.  He dreamed of having a fly-past in their honour and the presenter, touched by Tony’s tireless dedication helped make his dream come true – just 6 weeks after the meeting, a fly-past commemorating 75 years since the crash took place.