Torron-Lee Dewar, BCAa


Torron-Lee Dewar, BCAa

Torron-Lee Dewar BCAa receiving his Medal from Professor Andrew Graves

Torron set up a dance company in 2010 called Alliance Dance Unit (ADU), to give young people something positive to aim at and work towards. He was inspired to start ADU as there was nothing in the community for young people to do, leaving young people vulnerable to joining gangs in order to keep themselves occupied. Torron witnessed this happening around him and wanted to stand up and make a change in his community.

Torron has now given local young people the opportunity to perform on stage in their home town and at various events around London. ADU allows people to meet new people with similar interests which is a motivational factor.

Hundreds of people have passed through ADU in the last 6 years, all benefiting from being away from gangs and crime and giving them an aim in life. ADU has not only given them a place to go, but provides ‘another family’ to belong to. Being involved in dance since the age of 11 (2004) Torron knew that dance and art has an inspirational effect on people, which would help overcome the negativity of some of the estates in his area. Torron was selected to carry the Olympic Torch, demonstrating that great things can be achieved with a persistence.

ADU now visits schools in the area to inspire young people about wiser options in life and where their aspirations can lead.
Nominated by: Adele Wreford