Tracy Maher, BCAc

Tracy launched a Rainbow Group in 1996, and has been devoted to it ever since.

Rainbow’s is similar to Brownies  and Guides but for younger children.

Tracy has barely missed a week since it began. Over the years she has led numerous activity

camps, benefiting several hundred children. She is currently Rainbow Leader and a Divisional

Rainbow Adviser. She extends her role by volunteering and is an Assistant to Girl Guides,

District West Assistant Commissioner, First Aid Trainer to Adult Girl Guides and is also helping

some of them with their Duke of Edinburgh Award training.


“She is a tireless leader and is, I know, thought of highly by the youngsters and other officers”


Tracy’s devotion to young people in the community and the time she spends in planning the

events is alongside her full-time work as a Sister at Rotherham Hospital – she juggles her

volunteering around her job, but still rarely misses a weekly meeting.