Trevor Gilbert


Trevor Gilbert with Alison Eddy of Irwin Mitchell

Priority 2000 was an initiative Trevor, from Colchester, worked on and was launched by Alastair Burt, the then Minister for the Disabled, to create a better employment future for people with disabilities.

As a consequence of Trevor’s Priority 2000 campaign he greatly raised awareness of discrimination against the disabled by employers and helped pave the way for new employment legislation including amendments to the Disability Discrimination Act 2005, which was replaced by the Equality Act 2010. The scheme led to recruitment agencies actively promoting disabilities in the workplace and as a direct result over 1,700 disabled people found employment.

This good work is on-going by virtue of the fact that the agencies are more disability aware. This initiative was funded entirely by Trevor and his office acted as the secretariat at no charge. Trevor is a practising expert witness employment analyst and career profiler, who has specialised in the preparation of loss of earnings reports for the purposes of civil litigation for 25 years.

He is considered by many lawyers and insurance companies to be the UK’s leading employment expert witness in his field. He has constantly worked within his own organisation, TRG Group, and externally with Members of Parliament, Lawyers, Young Enterprise and the Prince’s Trust to help improve the employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups of people including those with disabilities.

TRG delivers a service known as the Pathfinder project, which focuses on finding sustainable employment for people with disabilities. Trevor works tirelessly to improve working conditions and prospects for all people with disabilities and is currently mentoring a genius inventor who is autistic.

Nominated by Dr Ian Webb