Walter Innes


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Walter has given up almost every Monday night for the past 22 years to coach budding footballers in Peterhead and the surrounding areas at his Hexagon Football Coaching club, only missing an amazing total of five sessions in the whole of that time.

Passionate and dedicated to football and the community, he is now teaching the children of some of the dads he originally taught many years ago. And while the sessions can at times be frustrating due to the age group spanning from five to 12-years-old, Walter never loses his patience or says a bad word about his group.

Walter not only teaches the children football skills, but life skills too. He ensures that no child is left out and mixes up the group to encourage less confident children to fully participate. He has helped many children with disabilities to participate in the sport throughout the years, including children with down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy and Asperger’s – no child is discouraged or turned away and are always integrated into the groups. He has also contributed to fundraising thousands of pounds for charity over the years.


Nominated by: Ross Mann