Wayne Knowles

Greater Manchester

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Wayne’s passion for martial arts has seen him dedicate more than four decades to volunteering after he set up the British Freestyle Karate Academy in Walkden, now the longest-running voluntarily-established martial arts club in Great Britain.

Realising that not everyone was interested in martial arts but knowing the importance of a healthy lifestyle, Wayne funded and set up a community gym teaching weight training, body building and fitness, giving the people of Hulton and Walkden affordable fitness training.

Wayne first started giving back to his local community at the age of 16, fundraising for the community and volunteering at Greenheys Youth Club to help keep young people off the streets. He continued this role for nine years, eventually becoming a senior youth club leader, organising and running sports teams, fundraising events and taking members of the club on holiday.

Through the karate club and his voluntary work, Wayne has helped and guided hundreds of people, young and old. Some of his former members have even gone on to start their own full-time gyms and martial arts centres.


Nominated by: Lisa Noble