Welcome to the Blue Ribbon Forum

The British Citizen Award Medallist

Welcome to the Blue Ribbon Forum – created exclusively for everyone who has been decorated with The British Citizen Award.

Our feedback indicated that there was a need for a ‘Community platform’ entirely for those elite British Citizen Award medallists to enable continued communication. So we created this private forum exclusively for your use. We hope that you will find it useful and informative. It is designed for you to share your experiences, causes, news and to keep in touch with each other. We will share any updates or news we have for you via the Forum as well as via email – for those less active in the Blue Ribbon Club.

We only grant access to the Forum to those honoured with a BCA, and possibly a select few if we feel that they may positively contribute. We ask that you do not use the forum for commercial purposes and that you respect its private and exclusive nature by not sharing the log in details with others who have not been decorated. If these requests are breached (or we believe they have been breached) we reserve the right to block your access to the forum (and we would hate to have to do that!). Instead, we envisage that you will gain some real value (and possibly some good friends) from having exclusive access to each other.

As a final thought from the BCA team, we would love to know what it meant to you to receive your distinction and what has happened since you were decorated. We may include some of your comments in our press releases and we would like to Tweet some of your latest achievements, so feel free to post your information on this site, or if you prefer email us. We would like to congratulate you all once again, and inform you that collectively you have reached over 28 million individuals in the UK through media activity.

The British Citizen Award Team
Press PR – press@britishcitizenawards.co.uk

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